Certified National Senior Chinese Tea Appraisers; Certified National Senior Chinese Tea Specialist; Certified National Senior Chinese Tea Processing Technician; Member of Guangdong Senior Tea Appraiser Academy; Researcher of Guangdong Huawen Sinology Institute; Specialist of Foshan Chinese Tea Promotion Association

Joseph Lam, a Hong Kong barrister, has studied abroad in Britain since his teenage. He went to Harrow School and Christ Church College of Oxford University successively. He was major in Mathematics and later returned to Hong Kong to study J.D. at University of Hong Kong. In 2014 he was awarded the Hong Kong Bar Association–Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship; he is now practicing in Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers.

Queenie Ho, Diamond appreciation tutor, obtained GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graduate diamond qualification. She has several diamond sales experience, it is her interest on collecting friends and clients’ difficulties when making purchase decision to assist them finding the right piece.

Whisky lover and engaged in whisky business. Scotch whisky is his favor, and he is also collector of Japanese whisky.

International Board of Lactation Consultant

Qianhai International Liaison Services Ltd. is a window company of the Shenzhen Qianhai Authority servicing Hong Kong. “Support Hong Kong, Service mainland, Face the world” as its mission.

Attending physician of Gracious and Progressive Clinic of Chinese Medicine. Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Bachelor of Chinese Medicine. Master of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture). Doctoral student at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. IPTFA certified Professional Personal Trainer. Chinese medical consultant and supervisor in multiple organizations

Ocean Three is a famous shop for oyster, sashimi etc. This is the web site: http://www.oceanthree.hk/

Hamish is the founder of Ocean Three, which is a famous online shop for oyster, sashimi etc

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