International Board of Lactation Consultant

Qianhai International Liaison Services Ltd. is a window company of the Shenzhen Qianhai Authority servicing Hong Kong. “Support Hong Kong, Service mainland, Face the world” as its mission.

Attending physician of Gracious and Progressive Clinic of Chinese Medicine. Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Bachelor of Chinese Medicine. Master of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture). Doctoral student at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. IPTFA certified Professional Personal Trainer. Chinese medical consultant and supervisor in multiple organizations

Ocean Three is a famous shop for oyster, sashimi etc. This is the web site: http://www.oceanthree.hk/

Hamish is the founder of Ocean Three, which is a famous online shop for oyster, sashimi etc

Endorsed Life Code and Psychology Instructor.

Julian Gaertner is a German. He has studied in Rudolf Steiner Schule München Daglfing, ShenZhen University and University of Hong Kong. He can speak fluent German, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. He is an actor, also a partner in HNO-Klinik Dr. Gaertner and Fylp.

Singer-songwriter, graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music. A very popular singer for Audiophile CD. He was also win the first place in an famous imitation contest in 2015.

Eric Sim is a blogger on Linkedin with 80k followers from around the world. He shares essential life skills for climbing the corporate ladder.  The highly sought-after TEDx speaker is also Adjunct Associate Professor with HKUST where he teaches key skills for finance professionals. An engineer by training, Eric is an international investment banker described by efinancialcareers as a star Singapore banker who have made it to the top in Hong Kong.

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