2013 won the Swarovski Kou Schwarzkopf <avant-garde style> Group of Hong Kong and Macau champion. 2014, she won two awards of Swarovski Kou Schwarzkop.

JF Kwok, hosting the entertainment program of GDTV. He is also the promoter for Cantonese by using his “Crazy” way for his new generation, and owns a Cantonese program called <Crazy Cantonese>

Bespoke Stylist at Veluti Sartoria

BlissMom is the first integrated service platform for pregnancy and postpartum lifestyle management. They strive to establish a high quality pregnancy in a joyful,calm and scientific way. Sammi and Josie who are the core instructors of Bliss Mom, have gained certification by many international childbirth education institutes, providing moms with professional and effective pregnancy and postpartum management service.

Founder of AMER Chocolate (2011) Learned and studied from Belgian Chocolate Master Peter Steve for two years ; Marketing chocolate brand from Belgium, Britain and France for five years ; Create innovative chocolate by her experience in Belgium and her advanced techniques

猪红and肖公子 are the famous DJs of Guangdong Radio And Television, hosting a famous local radio program called <The Happy Men>. They’re passionate with the Cantonese culture, and with their talent and creativity, will lead you to learn a veritable Cantonese in a funny way.

He has been working in funeral industry over 10 years in Hong Kong. The deepest feeling about death is “you don’t miss your body, but you miss your history”

Miss Lin is born and raised in Hong Kong. She has developed a strong interest in metaphysics and astrology since young and she have pursued a further study about metaphysics.

Dr. Lynn Wilcox is the Vice President of FX Palo Alto Laboratory (FXPAL) owns Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences at Rice University. Her current research interest in applications of augmented reality and visual search.

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