Jessica C is a famous model in Hong Kong. Her jobs allow her having opportunities to travel around the globe and experience different cultures, making her an expertise of kissing in different cultures.

QianDai is a knot rope education company

Master Mountain teaches you how to play ukulele with his lovely daughter. You can learn ukulele from 0 to 1!

Watercolour artist, illustrator, paintingtime studio co-founder

SO-E is an offline music school, they help students to be guru in music industry. In 2016, they have online course for easy learning and studying.

Pepper College is a knowledge-sharing platform. Through interesting video to deliver knowledges to everyone, who chase “good quality of life”.

Aka Yan-Yan, dietitian, spokesperson, columnist, and author of 4 books. The Huffington Post named her one of its Top 20 Nutrition Experts on Twitter.

Kiddie,singer and artist of Dramovie Alliance Artists

Xiao Xiao is an owner of a pet beauty salon, and she won a lot of prizes and certificates about pet beauty!

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