Radio and TV program host, cross-media worker, served as a guest lecturer for the Master of Public Relations program of the Chinese University for several years, and guest lecturer in the cadre training class of the Mainland University of Science and Technology. The EMBA program graduated with first-class honors, and then focused on developing into a cross-border and cross-industry trainer. In addition to contacting a large number of local political and business circles and education circles, mainland enterprises and cadres have also received his media training in recent years to cope with the increasingly globalized future needs.

MDRT members for 30 consecutive years Dedicated in the insurance industry for 30 years, Dr Lau is very experienced in selling, and very generous to share his selling skills with all the frontline sales in the same industry. He wrote and published a book called “Turning Sales to an Art level”, followed by a training course to help the frontline sales from varies industries to improve their selling technique and to adjust their attitude. Up to now, over hundreds of students from different insurance company has became a member of MDRT.

Mrs Bally Wong is the founder of ABC Pathways Group, a leading early education group in Hong Kong which is comprised of English language schools, international kindergartens, franchised learning centres, a charitable foundation, and a strategic marketing agency. Founded in 2002, the group has been authorised as the one and only Educational Partner in Hong Kong since 2004. Mrs Bally Wong's devotion in early childhood education is recognised by numerous awarding bodies and media, including The Hong Kong Management Association, Hong Kong Economic Times, Sky Post, Smart Parents, and more for her outstanding contributions in the world of education. In recent years, Mrs Wong established the online channel “Bally Walks with You”. She also has become a guest broadcaster for Metro Radio and the honorary president of the 22nd Hong Kong Kindergarten Association.

Handsome Li can teach you how to create an excellent movie clips by just using a mobile phone.

With a background in experimental psychology and interest in adolescent psychology, I have a mixed of experiences in both the clinical and counseling psycho social research as well as in non profit event management. Right now, I assist the Oncology Clinical Trials Research Department at NYU. As an Asian American female professional, I have noticed the gap in career preparation for students and young professionals within the Asian American community and as a result I had to learn my way of best practices and experiences.

Ms. Katherine Lui has more than two decades of work experience in the financial industry and connections with a few hundred entrepreneurs, she has launched CanAsia Consulting Group and cofounded some private equity projects, among which 40% were under round A of fundraising and the rest of which were under round B, round C and listed corporations purchasing other companies. Ms. Lui has involved in deals totalling more than US dollar 2 billion in deal size in her past few years. CanCan 看看™ is an innovate cloud-based financial software developed by Katherine, who combines her profesional financial experience into a simple ERP system. It is designed particularly for multi-national SMEs to handle financial issues, in both web and mobile versions.

Author of the Fit Businessman book | Advocate of Explosive Mode Training | Online Coach & Educator | Private Equity Investor | www.EricSnaell.com

The first personal spiritual and image building instructor in Hong Kong. Our brief is "Good image, better destination!". Instructor will use a lot of psychological tools to help you to build up a suitable image.

Principal singing teacher at La Voce Singing Centre and vocal teacher at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, teaches both pop and classical style, graduate of Manhattan School of Music New York and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts major in voice.

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